Christmas Eve

Moms been baking again, so she is either still in memopause or its Christmas tomorrow, and I choose to believe  the latter as the earlier i jsut GROSS and scarey!.

The house is decorated, and everyones in the other room having a party, a christmas party!, whoo hoo!, its nto a bad party but I really don't like to watch my little sister make out with wes, I know there togeather and everything buit honestly, thats sut gross and scarey to.

There is so much sugar int his house, everyones not gonna sleep for months, I predict Star and Tasha keeping up Xander and uncle Spike into the wee hours of the morning, possibly Cordelia keeping up uncle Lorne as well..

The kids are runnig all over the place, Little Jessee is walking and Lornes twin boys danny and David are walking, paige is running around and so is tawny, well alright she is more sitting there drawing people i think, and I say think because she keeps looking at people and ten goes back to drawing..  James is with Belle for the next few days and Willow and Buffy?.. I'm glad that Star put a spell ont he room to keep it sound proffed or we'd be hearing them..

There goes momo by again mumbling about christmas cookies and baskets not being full, I best go help her
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The Ring

 I bought my girl an engagement ring.


Hello, gonna so get married here, how cool is that?

I mean, if she says yes, which she will, I hope...and pray...oh gawd, what if she says no?

Calm down, why would she say no?

Because she doesn't love you, damnit!

"Ok, breathe Xander, so havin' a Willow moment."
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 I  go get some more bags and take them to the dining table and then go get the hot chocolate that I made int he livingroom thts no ones touched and go put it in the dinningroom for thema nd go backt o the livingroom again